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About us

We love coding user-friendly web projects with a strong and solid foundation*

We are enthusiasts and specialists on high-end web development. We love to think about the technical setup of a project and make sure the end-user is always the focus.

* converting coffee into code is a welcome bonus!

A small selection of websites we made throughout the years



Multiple API driven business applications.

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NIBHV is the dutch institute for safety in the work environment. Via connected trainers, they provide training and certification for individuals.

Bedrock has implemented several applications to help NIBHV structure their content, training institutions manage their courses, instructors to easily record the results and students to get insight in their progress.

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  • Full internal business administration
  • Feature rich API for third parties
  • Connections to several external providers
The Cover

The Cover

Netherlands Film Commission

Netherlands Film Commission

Kunsthal Rotterdam

Kunsthal Rotterdam

A small selection of brands we have the honor to work with

  • Oak & Morrow
  • ING
  • Fabrique
  • Evers + De Gier
  • UWV
  • Luxaflex
  • FitForMe
  • Sunweb
  • Gemeente Delft
  • Pleegzorg Nederland
  • Rijksoverheid
  • Kunsthal Rotterdam
  • Concertvrienden
  • Nike